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Sharp Copy Machines

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Desktop Faxing

For many organizations, fax still remains a vital means of conducting business with your customers, partners and vendors. With EasyLink's fully outsourced fax solutions you can reduce fax costs by as much as 70%. You'll eliminate fax servers, fax machines, telecom lines and the consumables associated with faxing.

EasyLink offers a comprehensive portfolio of complementary fax solutions to automate your company's faxing, improving productivity and reducing cycle times.

  • Desktop Messaging - users send and receive faxes within their existing email client without the need for any hardware or software; increasing productivity by enabling them to fax at their desktop.
  • Production Messaging - enables your backoffice systems to send messages directly to the EasyLink network for delivery as fax, EDI, and e-mail eliminating the need for and management of middleware.
  • Document Capture and Management - enhances your high volume inbound fax applications by automating the processing of forms-based data into electronic formats importable into your business systems.
  • Workflow Service - automates the management of inbound business documents with automated routing and rules assignment.

Remote Monitoring and Support

The Total Print Management Suite

Central Server
The heart of the FMAudit system is the Central Server. This data repository holds all of the usage data from your accounts. We can leverage this powerful body of information to provide better service, increase response time and deliver toner without you ever picking up the telephone. FMAudit automatically retrieves encrypted usage data to our Central Server on pre-determined intervals. This ensures accurate invoices for each billing period.

Local Agent
With up to 40% of printers not connected to networks, the ability to capture local printer meters is critical. Local Agent allows us to collect meters from local printers, enabling us to deliver a total managed print solution. Not only is FMAudit firewall-friendly, you can check the status of your printer fleet in real time. Simply log into the system through your web browser and the information is there at the click of a key.

Supply Triggered Marketing
Imagine having a supplies sales rep sitting next to each printer in your office. When the printers toner cartridge is almost empty, Supplies Triggered Marketing will send an email to notify us when to send you a new toner cartridge.

We believe that when you compare your options for remote meter reading and managed print services infrastructure, you will discover that FMAudit is your best choice. FMAudit is the ultimate in automated meter collection.